holding hands: In Glee, Brittany and Santana seem almost incapable of not doing this.

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What’s coming up for Lea Michele

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Okay, it may seem a little weird to you but back here in the dark ages, it’s still crazy for a girl to love girls and guys to love guys. x

Glee ladies at the Giffoni Film Festival (2012, 2013, 2014

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❝ She is as refreshing as it comes - equal parts charm and salt of the earth kindness… ❞

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Faberry - Not gonna tell


Faberry Audio Edit (1:35) - "Not gonna tell.
That time Rachel met Quinn for a quickie in a school closet.


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Brittana AU: Brittany is a famous dancer and Santana has a huge celebrity crush on her. One day, Brittany walks into the Spotlight Diner, where Pezberry work, and Santana freaks out.

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